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The island of Delos, near Mykonos, close to the centre of the Cyclades archipelago, is among the most essential mythological, historical and archaeological websites in Greece. There is no direct flight from Zakinthos Airport to Mykonos Airport. The quickest approach to get from Zakynthos to Mykonos is to fly which costs 290 zł zł and takes 5h. for the last years and I highly advocate it to everyone seeking to get a ferry to Santorini.
I have regularly seen the Hermann’s tortoise at Gerakas (Walk 1-2) and Vrondonero . Zakynthos is a enjoyable island within the Ionian sea, with loads of night leisure choices and exciting Zakynthos clubs that entice thousands of worldwide tourists, principally students, and youth. On the picturesque hill of Bohali above Zakynthos Town is a Venetian Castle. The location of this fort provides nice view to the city and the Ionian Sea.
My honest suggestion is to take the ferry only if it’s your first time in Greece and only if you will spend more than 5 days in Santorini. The X95 bus stop is subsequent to the X96 bus stop and the tickets are exactly the same and are offered from the same kiosk. You would nonetheless have to get the printout from the ferry kiosk outside of the ferry earlier than departing .
A cabin is not really required (it’s just eight hours) and you can go outside while the ferry is sailing. You don’t actually have to e-book the ferry tickets prematurely or online. is the second option you have and it can be a very nice experience, in case you are visitng the island for any more than 5 days and if it’s your first time in Greece. There are all the time taxis and the local bus that will be waiting for you outdoors of the aiport upon your arrival.

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  • The Aktina Travel Agency on the arrivals level of the Athens airport.

Discover some tours organized around the island, to the Blue Caves and Shipwreck. Explore Zakynthos island through the lens of the proficient members of Greeka group. check out this blog post via website Exploring Zakynthos, you’ll uncover picturesque hilltop villages, traditional monasteries, and dreamy pure landscapes. What’s extra, the unique Zakynthos seashores are house to the endangered sea turtle species Caretta-Caretta, which yearly hide their eggs within the fine white sand of Zakynthos seashores.
These tickets do sell out as there is a restricted number of seats on these ferries. You don’t have the choice to go outside when you board the Seajet Ferries as they're closed-sort ferry boats .

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