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women's professional clothing tend to be associated with certain industries, like healthcare, food service, and law enforcement, but employee uniforms can benefit almost any work environment by heightening the sense of team spirit, increasing safety and security, and saving money for employees. Uniforms also function as a means of advertising the company or brand. The following are a few things to consider when purchasing custom-designed employee uniforms or other promotional services.


First and foremost, a uniform or other corporate apparel should be comfortable to wear while the employee is working. work attire , for example, are designed to facilitate ease of movement for medical personnel, while postal service workers often wear shorts in order to stay cool in the outdoor heat. To choose comfortable uniforms, consider not only the cut and style of the garments but also the type of fabric used. Many companies nowadays are opting for uniforms made from performance fabrics that wick moisture away from the body, dry quickly, and breathe to keep people cool. T-shirts, polos, and long-sleeved button-up shirts are among the most popular choices for corporate uniforms.


Since a uniform represents the company or brand to the world, it's important that the logo looks good and is easy to see. According to one specialist in retail design and merchandising, screen printing is the oldest and still the most popular method of printing a logo onto fabric. With screen printing, each color is pressed into the fabric through its own screen, so colored designs will need multiple layers of ink. embroidered work shirts , which uses heat and pressure to infuse ink into a polyester fabric, is another common printing method that produces a clear, simple, and long-lasting design.


When ordering uniforms for a large group of employees, business owners need to choose between standard sizes and custom fits. While custom-tailored clothing will provide a better fit and better look for each employee, it is a costly and time-consuming process. Most employers find it easier and more cost effective to order standard sizes that will fit the majority of wearers well enough.

To order custom-designed uniforms, employers should look for a business that has experience providing promotional and retail services for customers who need design and printing services. Some uniform providers also sell private label design services for re-sellers, which indicates a high degree of expertise in fabric design and printing. Purchasing well-designed and well-made uniforms is a worthwhile investment in the employees and in the business itself.