Ominous lions the real story

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Stephen Hopkins after the "Predator" from 1987 showed that knows how to build an atmosphere of being trapped by wildlife hunter. After nine years of going back to a similar story, with the difference that instead of the hunter from space we have two lions cannibalistic. The screenplay was based on real events that took place at the turn of the century. When railway construction workers were attacked by a pair of lions extremely insidious.

As a result, several hundred people were killed. To fight with the lions is responsible for the safety of the construction of John Patterson (Val Kilmer) and an experienced hunter Remington (Michael Douglas). The film is set in the picturesque scenes, which become the backdrop for gruesome attacks. As I mentioned earlier, Hopkins can play a very suggestive atmosphere of pervasive evil. We see high grass waving in the wind, which hides two human flesh still rządne mouths. The viewer is wondering from which direction the attack may suddenly occur. This is one of the major pluses of this image. An interesting fact that the lions of those pages are actually ludobójcami Nigeria and hunting people are supposedly in the genes. In addition, these lions are really rare species of cats bezgrzywych what the film was forgotten. There we are dealing with two powerful males with big manes. This treatment is purely and film aims to show the grandeur and power of these cats. The film director's "Predator" has a stellar cast.
Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas as they feel their roles and are not limited to unnecessary grimaces on their faces. Kilmer's character is torn dilemmas person who suddenly has to confront evil in its purest form. In contrast, the hero created by Douglas introduces the film tranquility.
His Remington is an experienced hunter and calm, who does not even think to go back hand off the trigger.
The director tells the story of great whites lions with such artistry that eventually even the viewer ceases to treat them like hungry animals, and begins to wonder if there really are some demons, endowed with supernatural ability to survive. Superstitious natives came to believe these animals as the embodiment devil. Thanks to the efficient hands of a director get excellent adventure thriller and we begin to reflect on this thesis.
The film scares moment of surprise or a direct confrontation with the lions, not tons of blood pouring from each side. This is proof that the screen does not need to see excessive brutality to scare. Just waving, tall grass and the knowledge that somewhere lurking in the depths of something terrible, what lies in wait for our lives ....