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A man with open jeans feels his naked torso subsequent to a damaging version of the very same image, marketing protected sex to avoid HIV and AIDS by the AIDS Action Council, Australia. A man with his hands more than his face, a woman with her hands covering her ears and another man with his hands covering his mouth with a message about how HIV is communicated a poster from the America responds to Aids marketing campaign. A man with hearts about his head undresses in preparation for receiving in to bed with his partner who stares at his extended stomach a secure-sex advertisement for condoms to avert AIDS by the AIDS Counselling Trust in Zimbabwe. A man with an earring kissing the nipple of yet another man standing marketing secure sex services provided by Mannometer, the helpline for gay men in Germany to avoid AIDS.

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Colour lithograph by Margeotes Fertitta & Weiss, 1993. In the battle against tuberculosis, a portrait of Calmette, as the saviour of kids by means of his BCG vaccine, invites the purchase of fund-raising stamps. Illustrated safety strategies on handling blood and syringes in English and Chinese an anti AIDS advertisement by the Special Preventive Programme Department of Wellness, Hong Kong.

Submitting your Opinion Article (s) to the Editor. - PaanLuel Wel Media Ltd - South Sudan

Submitting your Opinion Article (s) to the Editor..

Posted: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 18:27:09 GMT [ source ]

A man dressed in torn denim jeans and jacket stands against a brick wall with his hand inside his trousers advertisement for Mesmac Leeds. Lithograph , 1990. A man dressed in a white vest, scarf and pilot goggles with his arms raised more than his shoulder to carry a bag representing an advert for Physique Optimistic for males with HIV. A man bicycling to a lighthouse, representing a charity bicycle ride in aid of the London Lighthouse. Lithograph following Sophie Herxheimer, 1994. A man and lady stand side by side with a warning in Arabic about AIDS against a larger faded impression of the couple.

A huge poor family compared with a contented household of four representing the Household organizing Project in Egypt. Colour lithograph by the MInistry of Wellness, ca. A big personified condom stands triumphantly on personified versions of the HIV virus who cry out for 'help' with rays of sunshine in the background a protected-sex advertisement by the AIDS Unit Division of Overall health, Government of Hong Kong. A significant personified condom proudly gathers his arms about a group of condoms in a variety of guises a safe-sex and AIDS prevention advertisement by the National AIDS Secretariat, Guyana. A massive Fijian family members obtaining a picnic beneath a tree with a message to defend your household against AIDS a Globe AIDS Day message in an advertisement by the Ministry of Well being, Suva, Fiji.

The Next ‘Gone Girl’? 5 Killer Books for 2016 - Wall Street Journal

The Next ‘Gone Girl’? 5 Killer Books for 2016.

Posted: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 08:00:00 GMT [ source ]

A man holding a single side of his jacket open to reveal quite a few coloured packets of condoms a secure-sex and AIDS prevention advertisement by the National AIDS Programme, Belize. Colour lithograph by Cubola Productions, 1991. A man hands a piece of paper to one more sitting at a personal computer in an workplace a message about HIV/AIDS in the workplace an AIDS prevention advertisement by the CII, the Confederation of Indian Market programme on HIV/AIDS prevention and care. A man drinking in a tavern in the firm of figures representing poverty and death induced by alcohol. escort belgium VIP escort girls in belgium by J.-J.

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Illustrated guidelines on very good laboratory practices and precautions through testing of Infectious ailments an AIDS prevention advertisement by Qualigens Diagnostics. An isolated blue figure surrounded by pairs of yellow feet scuttling away representing ostracism of AIDS individuals.


  • The twin towers of a church wearing condoms with the message that AIDS is not God's punishment an advertisement for protected sex to protect against AIDS.

  • A transparent blue box filled with condoms and labelled 'Wochenendration' an advertisement for protected sex by the AIDS-Hilfe.

  • Colour lithograph by Philip Vanzieleghem ca.

  • A tree with 5 dollar notes representing an advertisement for a leaflet on information on AIDS at Work by the Department of Health, New Zealand.

  • ' with a check list of issues to take on vacation which includes condoms an advertisement for safe gay sex by Ex Aequo.

Colour lithograph by Friedrich Baumhauer and Burkhard Paschke, 199-. A man with a twisted abdomen representing undiagnosed stomach pain. Colour lithograph for Maag Lever Darm Stichting, 2001. A man with a tattoo puts his arms around a lady though holding a condom in a packet bearing the logo 'ok' German version of a series of 'Stop AIDS' campaign posters by the Federal Office of Public Well being, in collaboration with the AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz.