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Giannis Christodoulopoulos, in charge of the cultural activities for Committee "Greece 2021," directed the video clip and ended up being in charge of the musical plan of the track. I like Sakis Rouvas a whole lot, I adore their energy and his awesome live shows and that I want one-day to possess a cooperation with him. He in addition learned during the condition Conservatory of Thessaloniki and from 2018 he is a student of Charikleia Glavopoulou. During 2017/18 he sang the character of Tamino in Mozartis the secret Flute directed by Carmen Rouggeri during the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. In December 2018 their songs work Civitas Libera had been presented by the Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra. In April 2019, in collaboration using Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, he provided his songs work The Fount of Beauty. The drama centers on the Sultan, Mahmud, who manages the Turkish problems on Greece. Their sleep is actually restless and his brain worried by a recurring headache. He tries assistance from the Wandering-jew, Ahasuerus, who the guy believes features magic abilities might understand their fantasy. Throughout their discussion, Mahmud sinks more and more into despair while he, regardless of research of Turkish victories, finds out he has lost the conflict.
During 2006/11 she worked for the Pallas Theatre-Elliniki Theamaton . In order to achieve people’s minds with your music, the key will be love that which you do in order to hold carrying it out. To place your cardiovascular system in it, to have positive electricity in just about every song, in anything you do.
Choirs, performers, dancers, professionals, significantly more than 300 folks participated in the casting and recording, rehearsals and tracks, hours and hours of audio, and film editing. Mr. Dionysis Savvopoulos, an associate of the Assembly for the panel "Greece 2021" and creator with the song, kindly approved the panel "Greece 2021" authorization to utilize it. With particular sensitivity, the lyrics gift suggestions the enduring span of Hellenism, from antiquity to the current day. You can easily revoke your permission at any time utilising the Revoke consent option. All lyrics provided for instructional reasons and personal just use. If anybody want to remove their unique lyrics from web site please delivered a message to get hold of kind.
The music way and songs training tend to be by conductor Stathis Soulis, and also the direction and interpretation bear the stamp of Dimitris Bogdanos, probably the most magnetic and inventive composers in the generation. It's a dark coming-of-age fairy-tale high in enrapturing tunes, continuous overturns, disarming humour and an emotive atmosphere.