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Ketu dasa - 7 decades . First and foremost the Ketu's job is help people complete the karmas we have been completing within this life. His job is to give us just what we choose and need everything we don't need for the soul to grow. Success is equally as possible in Ketu dasa as any , but much of that time period they are matters that last throughout his dasa without a farther. It is because he gives it so we can complete it, then it is taken by him once his dasa has been finished. Of course losing matters in life usually does not feel very good, therefore as something is about to end many times on each conclusion of Ketu dasa are affected. If we're attached to things that are not unnecessary However, us merely hurt. Ketu supports careers that are healing and esoteric like Yoga Astrology or other holy curing methods. Mostly his dasa may make life seem out of hands and is fast and hot. Folks must avoid making long-term obligations as life is all going to change. Ketu could hurt us, When we're too attached to a life of materiality. His dasa follows Mercury who's just a worldly planet and a builder, so often times that the worldly gains of Mercury are parsed by the South node along with also his need for a presence. Ketu is a malefic planet and a one therefore that his energy will truly feel unpleasant, even when he is giving stuff.
Indications of Ketu Dasa: Mars can be given form of injuries and diseases in addition to muscular or nervous system disorders, illnesses by Ketu. Psychologically he gives self-doubt as well as a hyper complaint of all he is linking with.
Venus dasa- 20 decades. Venus is a time once we will seek happiness and a loving venture. Marriage is most a motif in Venus dasas or a marriage that has more adoring qualities of Venus. Household is an essential theme as are kids, Girls and other men and women generally. Venus as a lady may wish to offer matters to us and also we all must be careful never to fall into their pleasures' caliber. Even though Venus is Mother Lakshmi, the Goddess of beauty and wealth, Venus can be the wonderful caretaker along with her dasa can cause us to take great care of people or ourselves or make us aware that we are not doing a good job in that area of life or we are not being treated with all the courtesy and respect that we deserve. lakshmi mantra for wealth is a Brahmin, a teacher, and she'd really like to instruct us at a way, but unfortunately, we do not learn life's deep courses if we are happy on the planet, as Venus wants us to be. We generally only learn when we are currently enduring. She would really like us to function as service as Venus is the most important planet of devotion and a course of stunt, and that means service to God, in being a care taker. This terrific benefic would like to give us the domain name of God an a silver platter (with a fantastic meal!) Even if we suffer throughout her dasa you will find courses to master and it is as gentle as you can.
Signs of Venus dasa: As a kapha planet she can give illnesses associated with organs, mainly of the system, STD's, in addition to the kidneys.